Monday, May 3, 2010

Gig Harbor Little League - AAA Pilots

Well, another year of baseball is well under way and
Kennys season started off with 3 losses in a row, followed by 5 wins in a row ... so were going with, were on a winning streak and lets hope it continues

Kenny has fell right back into the swing of things ... given his recent injury
we were not 100% sure that was going to be as easy as it hs been, but
He has been catching, pitching, and playing 3rd and you would never know 6 weeks ago he was fresh from surgury

Taylor and Shelbi
Taylor has been playing fastpitch for the high school ... She started off on C-Team and has been pulled up to J.V. which is amazing since she has only played for 2 years .. pretty good ... she hits almost every at bat, and is the star outfielder ... She loves outfield, she gets most of the plays there, and they really count on her.