Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kennys Broken Wrist

Todays Doctor visit was a good one ...
The Pin looks good, Healing has started, all the swelling is gone and Kenny has his cast!
It is such a releif for me, It was really hard to allow Kenny to go to school knowing he didnt have a REAL cast on his hand, knowing what middle schoolers are like, Of course I fear the worse and can picture some kid bumping Kenny and having to go into Surgury again to fix the damage. But that didnt happen and he is all good. We will have this cast for 3 weeks and then they will take this one off and remove the pin, and re cast for another 2 weeks, after that we are hoping to be on the mend at 100% for the upcoming Baseball season.
Kenny the night they tried to set it originallyKenny the next day after Surgury
Kennys wrist at St. Anthony's before they tried to set it, He fell off his Rip-Stick and landed on his hand, he hit so hard that his growth plate along the outside arm bone came clean off and went up his arm to the right (about 5 inches up) he also broke his wrist.
They tried so hard to fix it on Tuesday night, but nothing was working. St. Anthonys in Gig Harbor is AWESOME! I can't say that enough, and Dr. Friedman at Harbor Ortho is GREAT.  They got Kenny into surgury at noon on Wednesday, Everything went great and he is on the mend!