Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Knights vs. Pilots - Kennys 2nd game of the season

Kenny had his 2nd game of the season tonight - The weather was awesome, and Kenny played an awesome game! Kenny Caught the first half of the game - and then played 3rd and then pitcher, there is some rule about you cant pitch after youve caught or vise-a-versa anyway Kennys 1st inning at pitch he hit the first kid (HBP) and then struck out the next 3 batters! thats 14 pitches - AWESOME - I love spring baseball!

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Pam said...

Oh my goodness have you had a tough few months. I am soooo sorry to see all the kids have had tough times.

We are getting together Easter morning here at the house for breakfast and an egg hunt for the kids. You all are welcome to come over if you haven't already made other plans.