Monday, March 23, 2009

Stupid but funny ---

Okay - so I'm in my room and hear a ruckus in the kitchen - i get up to go and see that the boys are doing, and find this --- My Broom free standing in the kitchen. No strings, No wires, No Glue, tape well you get the picture. No if only I could get it to move back and forth I'd be set!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Cody on a Longboard + fall = broken scaphoid and a cast

So after 2 weeks in a splint and Cody feeling worse, we decided to take him back to the doctor on friday. After another round of x-rays, 3-4 doctors reading the films, they are agree that Cody BROKE his scaphiod. Originally it was "just a bad Sprain" Well from the amount of pain he was in I knew that night it was more, and I wished I followed my motherly instinct and took him the next morning to another doctor.

Now we are faced with a difficult decision. We can either opt for surgury to have a screw put in, or take a chance with a cast for 8 weeks, have it re - x-rayed and hope it heals - or have the surgury in 8 weeks anyway.

after talking to Cody, he decided to get the cast for 8 weeks and then chance it and have the surgury if its not healed. I think its a VERY big chance were taking. The scaphoid bone gets very little blood flow and is the worst bone to break in your wrist. although the doctor said he broke it in a good place (for a break) and the top part of the bone gets more blood flow than the bottom, he broke the top. and since we found the break with in the first month there is a chance that it will heal without surgury. fact - did you know that your scaphoid bone requires twice the pressure to break than any of the large bones in your arm??? FACT

So say a prayer for his speed recovery, and that in 8 weeks the caast wasnt for nothing....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Okay - all of my bargin finding friends -- I have a website for you --- This is a total score!!!
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Can you say Hat Trick???

Tonight the whole family was at the soccer center to see Kennys game - and WHAT A NIGHT IT WAS TO SEE THAT GAME!!! Kenny played awesome! He scored 3 goals in a row and in about 3 minutes. Nice game buddy!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Altered Barn Star -- its almost done!

This is the Tin Barn star that I am altering for my wall. Anyone who knows me know that I LOVE barn stars, Dont know why, I just do. This is the one I started on Saturday, I still have to mod podge the photos on it. Im just waiting to find just the right ones. I keep snapping pix of the kids when they are not looking, but I have not found just the right ones. Stay tuned ... (ps Im going to have them printed in 5 X 7 and in sepia tones.)