Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Headache and a Huge fever

Today, I got the dreaded call ... You know the one, Hello this is ___________ elementary and we have Kenny in the health room ...Hes not feeling very good, and he has a fever and needs to be picked up. Hello ???? HEALTH room ... Thats sick room, nothing healthy every comes out of that room. Cody bless his heart♥ picked up his little brother, (i was on the road in the yellow limo) When the boys got home Kenny went right to be (no TV no gameboy, no anything) Thats SO NOT KENNY so after I got home from work I went and checked on him, thinking he was sleeping since it was so quiet, Nope He was bright red and said he had a headache, by 5:00 he was running a 103.7 fever, got a 2nd thermometer and it read 103.9 (YIKES) mom panic set in. No cough, No congestion, No runny nose ---nothing. just a fever and headache.
Kenny wants to go to school because they are picking their classes for middle school tomorrow. So we will see whats going on in the morning. He can't fool me, so no matter how important that is to him, he is more important to me, and his health comes first. feel better Kenny :( ♥

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