Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Jimmy - 40 years young - hahaha

We pulled it off!
One of my husbands best friends turned 40 on Friday and we all ignored him. He must have felt just aweful - but we had a plan, and set it motion - He thought we were going to go to the casino for dinner and some throwing away of money
But little did he know - we mailed out Invites to all of his family and friends.
The turn out was beyond words ... My drive way looked like a used car lot - Good thing we have a 300 ft driveway! we needed every inch - we had cars on the playground, down the driveway, in part of the backyard , the whole driveway and WOW amazing we fit them all. Everyone was here by 3:30 and Jimmy pulled in by 4:15 he knew as soon as he saw the mailbox - BLACK - BLACK and big 40 gave it all away - Oh and then there was the rock - I put a huge Jimmy's 40 Banner there Over the hill construction tape all the way up the driveway and then the sea of people and cars.
We had a great time -Jimmy was so surprised. The look on his face was worth a million words. We had Catered food - a Keg - and appitizers galore - We PPV the UFC fight had great food - even better friends - and a Fab time! Thanks to everyone who made it all come together! Jimmy -- Happy Birthday - WE ♥ you!

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