Monday, February 2, 2009

Found at last

At last the long awaited book was found. Tonight while at Target of all places, Kenny said to me:
"Mom, does Target have a book selling place" I said yes they do, and off to the books I went, and the last copy of Diary of a Wimpy kid (book 3) was found. All I heard down the asile was "YES" "YES" Wahoo Wahoo " Needless to say Im going to have to take it to be with me tonight if Kennys is to get any sleep at all. (Im glad I dont have to stop at Border's anymore, Ive hit them about 10 times in the past week and dumped about $200) and didnt get what I went for? How did that work out?


Suzy said...

glad you found it. I'll have to be looking for it myself now :).

i luv my family of 5 said...

Kenny has finished the book already so any ideas for similar books for him to read???