Friday, February 27, 2009

Darius Goes West in Utah

Well - We have spread the word - Taylor got 13 people to go to the DGW screening in Utah.
This was such a treasure and such an inspiration - I wish that I could put it all into words.
If you have not had the opportunity to see the movie - We have a copy that we would be more than happy to LOAN you - but Im sure in the first 5 minutes you will want a copy of your own. Taylor is going to promote and sell the movies and shirts with her young life kids - Taylor is one of the (2) girls leaders for Harbor Ridge 6-8th grade girls. Younglife brought us to Janelle and her beautiful son Micah, and we will do anything to Help Cure DMD. Darius is such an inspiration, and even more are his friends who have made it their priority to also fund a cure for DMD through DGW / and Charleys fund we will cure this in Micahs lifetime!

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gigharborscrapper said...

so cool!!! One person at a time so she has done her share : ) Can't wait to wear my t-shirt on St. Patrick's day