Saturday, February 28, 2009

I won a contest!!!

I came home today to find a box on my door step .... What could it be??? I didn't order anything, It's not my Birthday.... So I took the plain brown box into the house, opened it up, and found this cookbook, a coupon for a free hunts product. WOW --- I actually entered a contest and won --- I was one of (500) semifinalists in the Hunt's Best meals. I won --- Wahooo

Friday, February 27, 2009

Darius Goes West in Utah

Well - We have spread the word - Taylor got 13 people to go to the DGW screening in Utah.
This was such a treasure and such an inspiration - I wish that I could put it all into words.
If you have not had the opportunity to see the movie - We have a copy that we would be more than happy to LOAN you - but Im sure in the first 5 minutes you will want a copy of your own. Taylor is going to promote and sell the movies and shirts with her young life kids - Taylor is one of the (2) girls leaders for Harbor Ridge 6-8th grade girls. Younglife brought us to Janelle and her beautiful son Micah, and we will do anything to Help Cure DMD. Darius is such an inspiration, and even more are his friends who have made it their priority to also fund a cure for DMD through DGW / and Charleys fund we will cure this in Micahs lifetime!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Headache and a Huge fever

Today, I got the dreaded call ... You know the one, Hello this is ___________ elementary and we have Kenny in the health room ...Hes not feeling very good, and he has a fever and needs to be picked up. Hello ???? HEALTH room ... Thats sick room, nothing healthy every comes out of that room. Cody bless his heart♥ picked up his little brother, (i was on the road in the yellow limo) When the boys got home Kenny went right to be (no TV no gameboy, no anything) Thats SO NOT KENNY so after I got home from work I went and checked on him, thinking he was sleeping since it was so quiet, Nope He was bright red and said he had a headache, by 5:00 he was running a 103.7 fever, got a 2nd thermometer and it read 103.9 (YIKES) mom panic set in. No cough, No congestion, No runny nose ---nothing. just a fever and headache.
Kenny wants to go to school because they are picking their classes for middle school tomorrow. So we will see whats going on in the morning. He can't fool me, so no matter how important that is to him, he is more important to me, and his health comes first. feel better Kenny :( ♥

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Darius Goes West

Tonight Taylor and I went to support our Friend Janelle's Son Micah who has DMD --- We were blessed with the opportunity to screen the movie Darius Goes West and help support Darius in his quest to help fund a CURE for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Darius and his INCREDIBLE friends made a documentary on Darius' and his journey from Georgia to the West coast. I would love to tell you all about it, But I have a challenge for you all ... I will tell you if you ask, however I would prefer you help Darius and his AMAZING friends reach their goal of selling ONE MILLION DVD's IN ONE YEAR! Each DVD is $20 and can be found on I will promise you, that this video will make you laugh, cry and for sure want to be a part of the ONE MILLION - There is a cure just waiting to be found. To Darius and all of your friends - YOU HAVE INSPIRED A NATION- God Bless you all!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

its a small world after all ... its a small world after all ...

So for all of my friends awaiting my its a small world layout here it is...
the 1st picture is my personal layout (page 1) with the people added - I have not put our picture on it yet, but it will go in the center and slightly under the small world banner...
The second layout is the original that I taught in my Disney Layout & design class last Tuesday.
As you cen see the people are not on page one ... I took the Jolees its a Small world sticker and peeled the people off the the world and stuck them on my layout --- what do you think?
Black and white clip art was my inspiration ... and the Pazzle was the creation!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cute Valentines

These are the cute Valentines Taylor and I made tonight - They were super easy and didn't take much time at all. I wsish I could remember what blog I saw them on my friend Valeries blog - she got them from her friend
I cut the flower out on my Cricut machine, and we used thr making memories instant setter to make the center hole for the stick, Outlined the front with a black slick writer, and then slid the Tootsie pop in the hole -- Waaalaaa Done!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My new Disney Book I made

This is the new Disneyland book I made for the store - isnt it so cute!
The kits will be available at the store -- the picture is not as cute as the book
each patterned paper is another page the Mickey head is on the front page the ears are on the 2nd page as so on and so on - you need to see it in person

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The finished Garage

This is the finished product
Now this summer we need to pave - That should be fun!
We have started the decks on the house (we have never had them) our 2 story house is listed as a rambler ... therefore the decks were not included, my wise husband has a rule - Pay cash or you don't need it ... so we have saved ... and now we will spend. Throw some money into our local ecomony. How nice huh ... I'll keep your posted as we get going!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Found at last

At last the long awaited book was found. Tonight while at Target of all places, Kenny said to me:
"Mom, does Target have a book selling place" I said yes they do, and off to the books I went, and the last copy of Diary of a Wimpy kid (book 3) was found. All I heard down the asile was "YES" "YES" Wahoo Wahoo " Needless to say Im going to have to take it to be with me tonight if Kennys is to get any sleep at all. (Im glad I dont have to stop at Border's anymore, Ive hit them about 10 times in the past week and dumped about $200) and didnt get what I went for? How did that work out?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Jimmy - 40 years young - hahaha

We pulled it off!
One of my husbands best friends turned 40 on Friday and we all ignored him. He must have felt just aweful - but we had a plan, and set it motion - He thought we were going to go to the casino for dinner and some throwing away of money
But little did he know - we mailed out Invites to all of his family and friends.
The turn out was beyond words ... My drive way looked like a used car lot - Good thing we have a 300 ft driveway! we needed every inch - we had cars on the playground, down the driveway, in part of the backyard , the whole driveway and WOW amazing we fit them all. Everyone was here by 3:30 and Jimmy pulled in by 4:15 he knew as soon as he saw the mailbox - BLACK - BLACK and big 40 gave it all away - Oh and then there was the rock - I put a huge Jimmy's 40 Banner there Over the hill construction tape all the way up the driveway and then the sea of people and cars.
We had a great time -Jimmy was so surprised. The look on his face was worth a million words. We had Catered food - a Keg - and appitizers galore - We PPV the UFC fight had great food - even better friends - and a Fab time! Thanks to everyone who made it all come together! Jimmy -- Happy Birthday - WE ♥ you!