Sunday, January 25, 2009

Okay - this has to be the funniest TAYLORISM ever

While at the DMV yesterday, Taylor had a moment ...
DMV: Would you like to be an organ donor?
Taylor: umm....... (for about a minute)
DMV: Here, Ill give you this flyer, Take it home, Read it, and make your decision and we can add it in August when you get your license.
Taylor: okay ..... (?)
a few minutes later as were seated, waiting to get her picture.
Taylor: Mom, sooooo.... What kind of organ do you have to give them, a kidney, or liver?
Mom: (HUGE BURST OF LAUGHTER HERE) ***** Tay, Honey, they don't require you give it now, its when your gone, if you die, you can donate your organs.
Taylor: OOOOHHHH FEEEWWWW, I wasnt sure if I was ready for that! Thats such a releif.
I thought I was gonna get kicked out for laughing to loud!!!
have a good Sunday

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