Saturday, December 27, 2008

All is calm ... All is bright ...

Well Taylor is back from Utah and she has opened all of her gifts it was hard to say which was her favorite gift of all, but for sure she loved her new Ugg boots, They were at the top of her Christmas list, and she also asked for all of the Twlight books, All of which she got!

She had a wonderful time in Utah but was sad that she missed Uncle Pete, Aunt Melissa and her cousins Olivia and Zach. She did however bring with her all of the snow that we had here. The night before she came home they received almost 2 feet of snow on christmas day, also closing the airport there. Luckily, she made it home safely and ontime!

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gigharborscrapper said...

Ok, I want to see the Uggs. After all the snow we had I am thinking I need some. I bought some imitations but want to see some cute "real" ones too..
Happy New Year dear friend.