Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rain + Rain + Rain = Sick Kids

Not much for tonight, or last night or the night before, and why might you ask???

It all started last Friday (halloween) Poor Kenny stood in the POURING (downpour) rain for over an hour, his (sub) bus driver skipped our whole street and Kenny waited patiently in the rain, until another bus driver 70 minutes after his pickup time saw him, stopped, and brought him to the bus barn for me to take home, Dry off, salvage his cupcakes, salvage his now DRIPPING costume, and race him off to school an hour late, I knew then, he would be sick in a matter of days!

So trick - or - treating was beautiful, but Cold, and then on Saturday we went to Fright Fest at Wild Waves (6 flags) in the rain and cold. Now hes sick!

No chance for poor Kenny, He missed school Tuesday, Went Wednesday and I got the dreaded call at 10:58 am that Kenny had a fever and needed to go home! YIKES - Bad mom of the year or what, I thought he was okay this morning but No such luck, and then not 30 minutes later I have Taylor calling ... Shes at school and feels like Crap too!

So my week has been Work - Sick KID - Work - Sick KIDS - Crabby Hubby (must be getting Sick) and Soon to be Sick KIDSS --- Yikes you would think I drive a germ mobile or something?

Oh ya I do -- and did I mention those gross little kids lick the windows???? EEEEWWWW

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