Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tonight was homecoming and.....

Okay, so I'm a little partial, but are they not the perfect picture of everything thats Cute in this world! This is Taylor and her {Date} Matthew, They are a perfect couple!
And If I do say so myself, Stunning!


gigharborscrapper said...

Oh man, your baby is growing up. Was she home by curfew? Where did they go for dinner...details girl, deails.

i luv my family of 5 said...

She was home by curfew -- but its not hard to ensure that they are home, when neither of them can drive yet and still have to have a chaparone .... (hahaha good for me)

They went to Tanglewood grill for dinner and then they came by the retreat to see me, and her date even brought me flowers ... how sweet is he???