Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sweetwater street winner # 5

Im so excited, I enter alot of fun "scrapbook" contests and ran across this super cute site when I was online looking for my favorite papers ever (sweet water) and entered a week long contest and on the last and final day I won!

Wahoo!!! I won a tote bage and a pillow, i just placed my order tonight and am looking forward to my prizes very soon!
And so today was another mad crazy run every where day. Kenny had a 9:00 football game in clover park, which as you all know means 8:00 dressed on the field, oh and did I mention that dad took him today so I could get ready for work, Well about 30 minutes after they left, my DH called and said that Kenny left his football shoulder pads and game jerseys at home, so a mad dash to Clover park followed, and just in time, only for the Tides to loose to Graham Eagles 20 to 0 (ouch) and then I was off to work at the shop where I had my monthly card class to teach, we were very busy and had a super fun day, after work I was off to Taylors JV Soccer game, which they lost 0-1 in the last 20 seconds of the game, (ouch again) and now Im home in bed Sick! (super yuck) and where should I be????
At my godsons 3rd birthday party, but Im sick, cant breathe, cant hear out one ear and didn't think my sister would appreciate me sicking everyone up! So happy 3rd Birthday my sweet little ASH!!! We love you!

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