Thursday, September 18, 2008

September 18th

Tonight is a rare night for me. Its 750 p.m. and I am home alone catching up on recorded shows, answering emails, and enjoying some quiet me time. I can't even remember the lat time I did this.

Taylor is off to Yelm for Soccer, she called all excited her team P.H.S. won 4-0 and she was excited to get her homework done while the Varsity girls were playing, they share a bus to and from games, so I was glad to hear she was working hard.

Cody is off in the Harbor at the skate park longboarding, and hanging out with friends, and then he offered to go to the high school and pick up his little brother who is there for Football practice, He is a good older brother, he loves to watch him practice, and then give him pointers. They make a good team.

and my DH is working very late tonight (sad:( face)

So Im left to fend for myself. Just me and my computer and the good ol DVR

Well Im looking forward to tommorrow, my friend Melinda is going to stop by the shop and visit me, so Im glad to be seeing her.

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