Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kennys game PYF Tides vs. PYF Tides (in Tacoma? Hello?)

This is where Kennys game was Saturday.

This is Stadium High School, No its not Hogworts as my son said, Cute huh. And the school isnt bad either, beautiful but omg the stairs were a nightmare! so we had to walk along that long sidewalk, down the hill and then all the way down the GIANORMOUS concrete stadium stairs, Im so out of shape. WOW it was a work out for me!

It was a beautiful view, and I got a little sun.

And it was a sad game for Kenny, We lost to all of his friends from school, but worse yet, it was a beautiful day, so I told Kenny he didnt have to wear his Under armour, BIG MISTAKE, he hit the ground at a full sprint, was tripped, and managed to get himself a massive turf burn, knocked the wind out of him and even worse yet he has another game at 8:00 in the morning at Quest field in Seattle.

Ill keep you posted with the game in the morning, as his arm tonight it is pretty (VERY) swollen and no skin on the elbow about the size of an egg, OUCH Say a good luck prayer for Kenny to have a speedy recovery over night.

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