Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of School

Well, Today was the first day of school and this is the picture that dad took while Kenny was eating breakfast.

Since my you all know my job calls for me to miss all of the "First Days of School" Ken was his usual wonderful self and missed half of his work day to make sure all of the kids got off to school.
Cody is a Junior this year, and Taylor a Sophomore and Kenny a 5th grader. Can you believe this will be the last year that I have a child in elementary school. Im SOOOO sad. They are all growing up way too fast.

PLEASE .... Be sure to always kiss them good bye, Tell them you love them, and CHERISH all of the little moments, as I am learning they seem more now than ever to be the BIG ones.
I wish you all all a wonderful school year, and a wonderful days :)

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