Saturday, August 9, 2008

Taylors 15th Birthday

We started off the day by getting up and racing off to the movies with one of Taylor's BFF's Haylee. We saw The Sisterhood of the traveling pants 2. It was a cute movie, you must see the first to truly appreciate it.

Later that night we were off to Harbor Lights for dinner, They are owned by Anthony's now, and I have to say we were all very disappointed in the food. It used to be so great, Good food, Nice people, the place was always packed, and for a Friday night, It was like a ghost town at 9:00. Very sad, and even more so, We will not return, our $350 dinner for 10 people was so-so, But on the upside the waiter told us to give the Lobster Shop a try, their old chef is now there, Hey thanks!

We ended the night back at our house for Taylor's (Cake) Triple Berry Cheesecake from Costco (yummy)


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