Sunday, August 31, 2008

Matthews and Grider's day out at the Olympic Game farm

This was so much more fun than I had expected! I have had so many friends go and tell me how much fun it was, but until you have gone for yourself, there are just not words to describe it!

The animals we saw and FED were buffalo, tigers, zebras, wolves, yaks and three varieties of bears, Elk and tons of peacocks with their babies. Most of the animals come right up to your window and slobber all over you and eat right from your hands. The bears are about 5 feet from your car and are the coolest thing ever! If you have a chance to go, its well worth the trip.

P.S. Take lots of marshmellows, Fruit pies, fig newtons, anything sweet, you will have all of the other cars mad cuz all of the animals will follow you and not them!!!!

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Suzy said...

OMG what neat pix! It looks like sooo much fun!