Thursday, August 21, 2008

Last Tournament of the Season :(

These are pictures from Kenny's last tournamant of the season. We played every single weekend but -1-
We traveled all over Washington and the boys did great!

I am especially proud of Kenny.

Durring this summer, Kenny has found his calling on the ball field. He is and ACE 3rd basemen, But Catcher is his calling.

Anyone who saw Kenny catch this past 2 tournaments will tell you, Kenny is AWESOME! I was a catcher, and I loved it, but its not for everyone. The position requires more work than any other position. Kenny is a natural, and YES I was the first to say --- Kenny catch --- huh, are you sure you want to do that to the team, But, huh , Kenny????

Wow the coach must have seen something I didn't and Kenny was the primary catcher at the last tournament Thats 22 out of 24 innings - Kenny also fell in love with catching. I cant wait until next year!!!

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