Tuesday, August 12, 2008

5¢ School Supplies all over the place!!!

Back to school is never fun, especially when you have shop for 3 kids, and The lists seen to get bigger and bigger every year, What happened to the good ol' days of pencils and paper and crayons?

Oh No! They want Calculator, Compass, Rulers, Cap erasers, Pink erasers, Pencil Box, No sharpen PENCILS, (its too distracting)paper, pens, sharpies, Flair pens, White board markers & eraser, Copy paper, lined paper, graph paper, peechees, binders, Fat markers, Skinny markers, Special paints, because heaven forbid the crayola ones we used, stay wet for far too long, and oh ya Composition Note books X 3 each kid - And my littlest has to have a Dictionary, Thesaurus, AND GET THIS AN AUTOMATIC SPELL CHECKER!
Why the Dictionary then???

Anyway -- Since We have to invest in a Office supply store, I'm sure glad that with a little planning, Ive found the deals of the century!

5¢ Cap Erasers, 5¢ Composition Notebooks, Crayons, compass, rulers and even 5¢ Crayons I did splurge and got the 10¢ Paper, I know, I know.

But hey, Albertsons, has 8 pk of Sharpies for 5 bucks! Computer paper for $3.00.

Well off to the ads I go --

Does anyone know where I can hire a U-Haul for the first day of school???? haha

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Suzy said...

Back to school shopping was fun hu? I found those same deals as well. Do you coupon? I've saved hundreds!