Sunday, August 31, 2008

Matthews and Grider's day out at the Olympic Game farm

This was so much more fun than I had expected! I have had so many friends go and tell me how much fun it was, but until you have gone for yourself, there are just not words to describe it!

The animals we saw and FED were buffalo, tigers, zebras, wolves, yaks and three varieties of bears, Elk and tons of peacocks with their babies. Most of the animals come right up to your window and slobber all over you and eat right from your hands. The bears are about 5 feet from your car and are the coolest thing ever! If you have a chance to go, its well worth the trip.

P.S. Take lots of marshmellows, Fruit pies, fig newtons, anything sweet, you will have all of the other cars mad cuz all of the animals will follow you and not them!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

4 generations

This is an old photo I found and thought to my self how fast time has flown by. This picture was taken in Utah in 1993 ♥ That is my holding Taylor (yes shes now 15) my mom Kathy in the middle and my Grandma Dorothy (miss her tons) on the right. This photo makes me remember to enjoy the little things -- as they say, someday you will look back and realize they were the big things.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Last Tournament of the Season :(

These are pictures from Kenny's last tournamant of the season. We played every single weekend but -1-
We traveled all over Washington and the boys did great!

I am especially proud of Kenny.

Durring this summer, Kenny has found his calling on the ball field. He is and ACE 3rd basemen, But Catcher is his calling.

Anyone who saw Kenny catch this past 2 tournaments will tell you, Kenny is AWESOME! I was a catcher, and I loved it, but its not for everyone. The position requires more work than any other position. Kenny is a natural, and YES I was the first to say --- Kenny catch --- huh, are you sure you want to do that to the team, But, huh , Kenny????

Wow the coach must have seen something I didn't and Kenny was the primary catcher at the last tournament Thats 22 out of 24 innings - Kenny also fell in love with catching. I cant wait until next year!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

5¢ School Supplies all over the place!!!

Back to school is never fun, especially when you have shop for 3 kids, and The lists seen to get bigger and bigger every year, What happened to the good ol' days of pencils and paper and crayons?

Oh No! They want Calculator, Compass, Rulers, Cap erasers, Pink erasers, Pencil Box, No sharpen PENCILS, (its too distracting)paper, pens, sharpies, Flair pens, White board markers & eraser, Copy paper, lined paper, graph paper, peechees, binders, Fat markers, Skinny markers, Special paints, because heaven forbid the crayola ones we used, stay wet for far too long, and oh ya Composition Note books X 3 each kid - And my littlest has to have a Dictionary, Thesaurus, AND GET THIS AN AUTOMATIC SPELL CHECKER!
Why the Dictionary then???

Anyway -- Since We have to invest in a Office supply store, I'm sure glad that with a little planning, Ive found the deals of the century!

5¢ Cap Erasers, 5¢ Composition Notebooks, Crayons, compass, rulers and even 5¢ Crayons I did splurge and got the 10¢ Paper, I know, I know.

But hey, Albertsons, has 8 pk of Sharpies for 5 bucks! Computer paper for $3.00.

Well off to the ads I go --

Does anyone know where I can hire a U-Haul for the first day of school???? haha

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gavin Rossdale at the Showbox Sodo

Richia and I spent Thursday Night
Shopping, Dinner and GAVIN ROSSDALE!!!!

We had so much fun - Where do we even start
Frist you have to know that this was a free concert that was
promoted by the Samsung Summer Krush concert
series - We didnt expect what we got!

I would have gladly paid $100 for these tickets
We were 15 feet from Gavin! Holy Crap
They gave Awesome gifts to Everyone
And not to mention again IT WAS FREE

If you not familiar with Gavin Rossdale he is the former
lead singer from the band BUSH. The songs played were all over the board, his, bush etc. We couldnt have asked for a better play list had we created it ourselves - Kudos!

Taylors 15th Birthday

We started off the day by getting up and racing off to the movies with one of Taylor's BFF's Haylee. We saw The Sisterhood of the traveling pants 2. It was a cute movie, you must see the first to truly appreciate it.

Later that night we were off to Harbor Lights for dinner, They are owned by Anthony's now, and I have to say we were all very disappointed in the food. It used to be so great, Good food, Nice people, the place was always packed, and for a Friday night, It was like a ghost town at 9:00. Very sad, and even more so, We will not return, our $350 dinner for 10 people was so-so, But on the upside the waiter told us to give the Lobster Shop a try, their old chef is now there, Hey thanks!

We ended the night back at our house for Taylor's (Cake) Triple Berry Cheesecake from Costco (yummy)


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dad at the races

Good luck to Dad this weekend at the races!
Hold on to that Number 1 spot!!!
67 Chevy Nova - AWESOME!!!