Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kenny was the game MVP - Sunday in North Bend @ the Sno Valley Invite

Saturday and Sunday Kenny played in the Sno Valley Invite -- We played so good as a team. For our very first official tournament as a team we did awesome.

Saturday was a hard day -- We lost our first game (bad) 19-6 BUT This was a tournament where the boys could steal, bunt, and run on the 3rd strike if the catcher drops the ball! In Little League, they are not allowed to do that for another year, but the BPA league they are in allows this at their age. So it was a reality check for sure.

Saturday night our 2nd game was awesome, we won 7-6 and it was a hard played close game. The boys learned real quick and love stealing everything in sight.

Sunday was another close game -- We lost.
Kenny did awesome! With the help of his team was able to hit a grand slam and score in 2 runs, he made a double play and a few outs on kids trying to steal bases. He and his team had an awesome game.

After the game the officials called the Coaches and teams to the field, and each coach was asked to name 1 player from the other team to recieve the game M.V.P. -- The Silverdale coaches picked Kenny! WOW -- The whole Shamrock team played so awesome -- I would not have wanted that decision. But my little Kenny is sure excited!!!

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