Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Family Wedding - Family Fun ♥♥♥

Well the wedding has come and gone, and so has all of my family :(

We all had such a fun time, Melinda and Seth looked amazing and their wedding was beautiful.

Before, During and after the wedding we had so much fun catching up on old times. It was so nice to be able to spend time with my family, I only wish that we could do it more often.

I hope my family (ALL OF THEM) know that they are always welcome to come and crash anythime they find themselves on this side of the country again.

Im holding Cari & Mike to the camping trip in Washington (HINT HINT) Oh and were inviting ourselves Bass fishing at your lake --- Hope thats okay, if not too bad were coming anyway!!

Rick and Val in all your travels you better make it here to spend time in Seattle -- I know its not as fancy as Italy or your other foreign travels but Hey its Seattle, embrace your Grunge side!

Debbe -- O V E R NIGHT trips are on the list now -- RIGHT ---

Bruce and Carol -- I promise no more Fire Trucks ---

Meridith & Chris -- Kenny said "So, the boys are my cousins??? " MOM - Yes they are -- Kenny" Oh so that would explain why we are best friends in just one day" Come back soon, --and we will try and plan a trip to PA soon!

Missy and Armand

Just like when we were kids huh -- See it wasnt so bad... right .... I hear DISNEY CALLING... we should meet in Florida SOON --- DISNEY DISNEY DISNEY

Melinda & Seth -- You both looked amazing and Thank You so much for bringing the family together for such a wonderful occasion, Were truely blessed to have so many caring family members, and I look forward to many visits with you both, now that the (in-laws /parents) live here in Washington!!!

Joyce and Norm -- Love you both so much -- It was so good to see you again -- and I cant wait to spend more time with you scrapbook shopping - We hope to make a trip to PA soon -- I want to take the kids to Omish country ...

Uncle Jack, Brent & Kevin -- You all live the closest -- especially KEVIN, you always welcome, anytime, any holiday, we always have someting big planned. Come see us -- we have an open door policy!!!

OKAY --- So we were missing 4 cousins
(and the bride) who was on Bride duty
But this is all of the cousins
in order by age left to right

Valerie - Kristie - Cari - Melissa - Debbe - Brent - Meridith - Kevin

OXOXO to you all ---

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