Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Peninsula High Schools Rock!

Twas the night before his Birthday, and all thru the land, Dad and I were busy, Painting by hand!

We painted the Rock, for everyone to see, Our kid is 16 and were so Happy.

Soon he'll be off, keys in hand, Driving about this crazy land, So when you see him, be sure and wave tell him Happy Birthday And love this day!

HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY CODY! We love you so much!!!

P.S. Sorry we told Katie to tell you she had plans, and you had to ride the Cheese wagon to school in the morning. But that was the only way to get you to drive past the ROCK.

P.S.S Also, Sorry we told your Bus Driver to Stop at the ROCK and make you and the WHOLE bus look!

Love MOM did I mention Happy 16th Birthday

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