Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kenny's Birthday Gift from Aunt Tina

Today, Aunt Tina came by to give Kenny his Birthday present, Well He was so Excited, I just had to share my day after with all of you.

(Kenny) "mom, can I ride my dirt bike?"
(mom) "Sure, put on all of your gear and be careful!"
(Kenny) "okay"

All day long. It was Ride, Rest, Ride, Rest, Ride

-- Last night about 9:30 --

After Ken and I called and called Kenny for a movie, We couldn't find him, I thought he must be outside swooning over his new Bike, I started looking for him, Nope not out side, Nope not in his room, He didnt answer at all, Now a little worried, Ran into my room, and There he was!

I'm my bed, With his DUSTY DIRTY face, DIRTY gear, and his gift from AUNT TINA & UNCLE FRED -- What did they give him???

An ipod! This is how I found him --watching a movie (no sound), listening to his ipod!
Why is this funny, Well you see, the lights were off in my room, TV had no sound on, the door was shut, and Kenny had his new ipod in his ears. He has not removed it from his ears since he got it, and HE COULDNT HEAR US CALLING HIM. Stupid, but funny! Just had to share!

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