Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hidden Treasure

Today while Ken and the kids were working outside, They found this nest by mistake.

Taylor went to the back of the garage to get the ladder, and started walking with it upright.

When she got to the front of the house, Ken set the legs open and found this beautiful nest. They grabbed the nest before it fell, finding these eggs inside. The mother flew away, and has not come back. So immediately Ken and the kids found a box, Hooked up a heat light and with any luck we will be able to hatch the eggs and hand feed them until they are strong enough to fly. Say a prayer for the 3 of them, We hope they hatch (Stay tuned)

Kenny's Birthday Gift from Aunt Tina

Today, Aunt Tina came by to give Kenny his Birthday present, Well He was so Excited, I just had to share my day after with all of you.

(Kenny) "mom, can I ride my dirt bike?"
(mom) "Sure, put on all of your gear and be careful!"
(Kenny) "okay"

All day long. It was Ride, Rest, Ride, Rest, Ride

-- Last night about 9:30 --

After Ken and I called and called Kenny for a movie, We couldn't find him, I thought he must be outside swooning over his new Bike, I started looking for him, Nope not out side, Nope not in his room, He didnt answer at all, Now a little worried, Ran into my room, and There he was!

I'm my bed, With his DUSTY DIRTY face, DIRTY gear, and his gift from AUNT TINA & UNCLE FRED -- What did they give him???

An ipod! This is how I found him --watching a movie (no sound), listening to his ipod!
Why is this funny, Well you see, the lights were off in my room, TV had no sound on, the door was shut, and Kenny had his new ipod in his ears. He has not removed it from his ears since he got it, and HE COULDNT HEAR US CALLING HIM. Stupid, but funny! Just had to share!

Kenny's 10th Birthday -- May 23rd

Kenny turned 10 years old on May 23rd. I can't even stand it. Where did all the time go? 10 WOW!

Well This year for Kennys Birthday we had a plan, Kenny DID NOT have a clue! As most of you know our Dad races cars and needed a Honda XR70 for his track bike, Well wouldnt ya know, We had one (well Kenny Did) We knew that in a year Kenny would need to move up to a bigger bike, an XR80 seemed like a good fit. So we conspired, and With grandpas help we found just the right one.

We had grandpa over for Kenny's Birthday, Ate a nice dinner, had cake, and opened presents. He got a new helmet, New riding pants, shirt, goggles, Fox boots. Everything you could need for riding. He was so excited. Kennys friend Chase (riding buddy) happed to just get a new Honda XR80, Well Kenny, who rides almost daily, Thought since he and Chase were the same age, Well he needed an 80 too. We have been telling Kenny for WEEKS, That bike is just Too much for you (Kenny's XR50's & XR70's do NOT have a clutch) and the XR80 has a clutch. Kenny was so convinced that he was ready, but told him maybe next year. So presents opened, we had cake. Well with all cakes come CANDLES, and what comes with candles? W*I*S*H*E*S and this kid is so persistant, Happy Birthday to you, WISH made, I asked Kenny, "What did you wish for" (kenny) "Well mom, I can't tell you or my wish wont come true." Okay kenny -- Thats a smart idea!

So we ate our cake, and then sent Kenny out the door to take the cake box to the trash, Half way to the Trash bin,(all of us in tow) Kenny throws the box in the air, and starts doing this Funky Chicken dance, yelling "YES" "YES" wahoo, I got an 80, I got an 80, Wahoo wahoo.

This picture above is the last of the chicken dance. And when asked, "So Kenny, what did you wish for when you blew out your candles, well mom an 80 DUH"
Happy Birthday SPOILED!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mothers Day 2008

Mother's Day at Bremerton Raceway

This was the year that I raced my car in the Mother's only race. No Fancy cars here. Just our daily drivers.

I didn't win, But I had so much fun, I can't wait to do this again.

By the way sweetie pie, Did I tell you that I want to do this again? so when are you going to buy me a race car? a real one, no hotwheels here---

Little League Day at the Mariners

Sunday May 18th was Little Leaguers day at the Seattle Mariners!

Ken, Taylor, Kenny his friend Chase and I, all enjoyed a beautiful day at Safeco Field.

Prior to the Game, all of the boys in uniform were allowed the opportunity to walk parade style around the field. The boys were awe struck!

Our seats were way up there, but the boys didnt care at all. Kenny cheered so loud the whole game, It was only fitting that they won! 3-2 Way to Go Mariners!!!

Me and My Sweetie

I love this picture of me and Ken!
This is who we are!
He is my beginning
My Middle
My End!
I love Him!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Peninsula High Schools Rock!

Twas the night before his Birthday, and all thru the land, Dad and I were busy, Painting by hand!

We painted the Rock, for everyone to see, Our kid is 16 and were so Happy.

Soon he'll be off, keys in hand, Driving about this crazy land, So when you see him, be sure and wave tell him Happy Birthday And love this day!

HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY CODY! We love you so much!!!

P.S. Sorry we told Katie to tell you she had plans, and you had to ride the Cheese wagon to school in the morning. But that was the only way to get you to drive past the ROCK.

P.S.S Also, Sorry we told your Bus Driver to Stop at the ROCK and make you and the WHOLE bus look!

Love MOM did I mention Happy 16th Birthday