Sunday, April 6, 2008

Slow Sunday ♥

Well its been a slow relaxing day to end our Spring Break Vacation. We did'nt do much, but sometimes its not where you go, it's who you spend your time with. And I got to spend some much needed time doing a whole lot of nothing!

I am looking forward to my next vacation!
June 20th & 21st is my 20year High School Reunion
Good Ol' Murray High School
I am flying into Salt Lake City the morning after we are off for summer, and might I add mother nature didn't let me down we have -0- Snow days to make up so we are out of school on the 18th and I fly out the 19th. I CANT WAIT!

I didn't attend my 10year. I had just had Kenny and didn't feel up for the journey, Not to mention that I was so upset that I had missed my baby brothers Wedding day. My brother and Sister (in-law) were married the same day I had Kenny. This is a great day to share with them, But Im still so saddened that I missed it, I just can't tell you how much I hurt that I missed one of the most important days in his life.

But This year will be different! My Best Friend Crystal and I are going to spend some much needed time catching up, having fun with our former classmates, and spending time with my little brother and his BEAUTIFUL family!!!

Crystal - We are going to have so much fun - Heres to the Class of '88 and the memories we have made and for many more to come!

Good Night!!

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