Monday, April 7, 2008

One Month and counting!

This is by far not the greatest photo of Cody. But it shows in one flash bulb what Cody's last few weeks have been all about!

And Why?
And What may you ask is he doing?

Well as of today Cody is "ONE MONTH" away from being 16 and driving!

This is his whole world lately.

He and his dad have been fixing up his new (to him) ride!

This picture was taken about 5 minutes ago, and as you can see, I couldn't even get him to give me a good pose. He was up on the grill yanking out a part (who knows)

He is not only learning about how it runs but how to keep it running. What a lesson Dad has taught him. And not once has he even made a peep about the list of stuff that needs done to it, he has just dug in and made it happen. They make a good team!

This is a little better view of his truck. Not bad for a first ride huh!


♥X♥X♥ Moms getting sad!

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