Monday, April 14, 2008

♥ O U C H ♥ Happy Monday

Well after a busy week back to school, and a BEAUTIFUL 80' Day last weekend, we spent our Monday night at the Orthopedic Doctor. We thought we were there for Codys 6 week check up and the "OKAY" to continue Soccer. only to be X-ray'ed and CASTED!!! Oh my Heck! Were all a little disapointed, for those of you who don't know the story, 6 1/2 weeks ago Cody hurt his foot at soccer, (The day before the 1st JV Soccer Game) It was swollen, Bruised, and Cody could hardly walk. Ken took him to Urgent Death, where they X-ray'd it and sent him home - said it was just bruised and he was okay to play. So 5 days later, 2 Games later, Codys Sports Doc at the High School insisted that this was NOT a bruised foot and to go have it re-
X-ray'd. We did - and again its okay - take it easy for a few days and Go ahead and play in Tuesdays game - His Coach said NOWAY - Its broke Im positive -- The night of the game 13 days later -- Cody was walking with his team onto the field and Ken called and said DO NOT LET HIM PLAY - another radiologist read his films and he has a non-displaced fracture.
So he didnt play -- GOOD CALL COACH WEBB!!! The next day we took Cody to Gig Harbor Orthopedic Surgeons and they read the films and they were now 2 weeks old and they said keep off of it for a few weeks and we'll see you on the 14th (3weeks later) and today -- Its completely broke - So he is sporting a new look -- BLUE!
We are just hoping that he will be out by May 7th -- Thats his 16th Birthday and day of his drivers test♦ Good luck! HAPPY MONDAY

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Lori said...

I think I already said this, but... GREAT cast art, Kristie!