Sunday, March 30, 2008

☻ Car shopping is for the birds!!! ☻

Well, we spent our Saturday looking, test driving, changing our minds, and finding that the car salesman is still alive and more pushy than ever!!!

We started the day by looking at TDI VW Beetles - I know a Beetle. But remember we have a daughter that has her ♥ set on owning a red VW named "TAYBUG" so we thought we would find a diesel, used, pretty good shape and AWESOME fuel ecomomy.

Well we found a few, they seem to be very hard to find and sell at a premium, much higher than Kelly's Blue Book says they should be at. Drove them, and got what we expected, a round car, Small inside and great mpg.

Well Ken, decided lets look at a few other cars and do some comparing, That was a huge mistake, We have now driven, Accords, Civics, Altimas,Beetles, and By far, you guessed it, the VW is out! MPG an all. We have now found Brand new Civics with a new option, LEATHER ♥ This car is so not what you think! We drove a 2008 Civic Copue, 2 door, leather and all the options, VERY VERY♥CUTE kinda liking this one, reminds me of my CRX. but better yet is the price - LOADED $20,000 and not to mention that the car is getting 25mpg in the city and up to 35-40 on the HWY so what more can you ask for huh -- LET ME TELL YOU -- Car salesmen SUCK!!!

So what are we going to do - Go again Sunday morning -- AAAGGGGHHHH save me now!!!

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